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Last Updated February 1, 2015

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Since "Krystic Indigo" consists of two words, each word will first be defined seperately.  Please keep in mind that this definition is an approximate down-stepped introduction by the author of this site.




This means pertaining to the KRYST, which is actually an acronym for the first audible sounds of creation, which are "Ka", "Ra", "Ya", "Sa", &  "Ta".  This understanding comes from Keylontic Science translations of ancient Maharata Texts and the Cloister Dora Teura Plates, as translated by E'Asha Ashayana, whose bio will come up if you click on her name.  Please note however, that she does not make any pretense to be a spiritual leader, Master, guru, or anything of the sort.  Those who view her that way  are doing themselves a dis-service.

Kryst is sometimes spelled "Krist", and even "Christ". But details about the original meaning can be found by clicking here, and then selecting the words "Krist" and "Krist Code" from the list of terms that are displayed.  Each selection will invoke a page from the Keylontic Science on-line dictionary. If any don't come up for you, it may be necessary to pay a modest user fee first, since some terms do not appear in the public (free) area. 

The Krist Code is actually a mathematical formula which is encrypted within all of creation by the one true God, Source of all that is (referred to simply as "Source"). This Krist Code defines, enables, and regulates the energetic flows between Source and all of creation, as necessary to create and sustain eternal life.

It also allows for full At-One-ment to be experienced while being in manifestion within Source. (Source always creates within Itself, so it is not possible to ever be outside of Source.)

In accordance with the multi-dimensional encoding within the encryption of the Kryst Code, all of creation was imbued with the wonderful characteristics and qualities of Source, such as absolute love for all.  Krystic beings are therefore incapable of behaving in any way contrary to those principles. 

Those studying the historical translations will discover that a condition called "code-convolution" occurred, including miasms in the DNA  and elsewhere in both the macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic bio-spiritual anatomy. These inorganic blockages prevent frequencies from being circulated to and from Source in Divine Right Order as intended. 

If a being's encryption has become distorted, then it can no longer function fully as an eternal-life being inbued with all the attributes of Source. In such cases, even the consciousness can become fragmented and twisted.  Instead of experiencing joy, unconditional love, blissful upliftment, perpetual wellness and eternal life; one experiences various manifestations of dis-ease. This illusion of seperateness from Source, along with numerous associated unpleasant thoughts and feelings, gives rise to selfish, self-serving behavior without consideration of the needs of others.

This can become extreme, causing various types of anti-Krystic behavior, including deceptive controlling exploitive agendas, criminal acts of violence, and insane psychopathic atrocities.

This is but one of many reasons why it is important to understand what is going on behind the scenes. The solution to changing the world is to first change ourselves. Only then can we BECOME the change that we want to see in the world.




There are hundreds of Indigos currently embodied on planet, although they came from another time-space coordinate.  The most simple definition is perhaps a being who emanates an indigo color aura, regardless of age, shape or form.

Just do a web search and you can explore many definitions.   Although the author of this site has many hard copy publications of extremely detailed information, these may no longer be available in print. But an early definition appears here.  Since additional definitions of many terms also appear in the links that come up in the subscriber area,  it may be worthwhile to subscribe to that dictionary.

Many indigos are quite old, so this doesn't mean they are only children.  They have been coming back again and again in order to keep a promise made eons ago. They are waking up now, because the higher frequencies coming in are triggering the activation of their DNA whether they understand why or not.  This can be very difficult to manage, but some suggestions on how to raise an Indigo child can be found here

Publications on Indigos include details of their DNA encoding. They came here on a healing mission from another matrix, which does not contain the damage existing in ours. When embodied on planet, they can facilitate the grounding of the highest and most powerful Krystic healing frequencies, such as those which ushered in the Golden Age here on Dec. 21. 2012. 

Krystic Indigos continue to work in conjunction with the same AMCC-MCEO-GA off-planet inter-dimensional Krystic Guardians.  Some of these guardians, projecting as orbs, have been photographed with E’Asha, (short for Speaker #1, the translator of these teachings), as well as individual members of Team Indigo.  On the videos, E’Asha can also be seen leading Team Indigo during essential grid-work, as directed by members of various levels of Krystic Councils, all working together while stationed in various different space-time coordinates of our multi-dimensional cosmos. Large numbers of orbs have appeared in photos taken when grid work was performed.

Although some Indigos have since been hijacked, Krystic Indigos are those who are still choosing to follow the energetic principles encoded in the Kryst Code, which enables circulation of life-sustaining frequencies to and from Source so that it is not necessary to vampire energy off other life forms in order to exist.

While embodied on planet, Krystic Indigos can ground the highest natural organic multi-dimensional frequencies, as necessary to facilitate the most positive pathway for the upliftment of the planet and its inhabitants.