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 krystic indigo indigo insights keylontic science multi-dimensional cosmic structure freedom teachings ascension  ashayana deane easha  dna-activation and much morekrystic indigo indigo insights keylontic science multi-dimensional cosmic structure freedom teachings ascension  ashayana deane easha  dna activation and much morekrystic indigo indigo insights keylontic science multi-dimensional cosmic s

 teachings ascension  ashayana deane easha  dna activation and much more


Insights & Suggestions from a Krystic  Indigo
(Last Updated July 4, 2015)


For a brief definition of the term "Krystic Indigo", please click on the tab above.  The insights and suggestions below are offered with loving intent by one wishing to facilitate the awakening and upliftment of humanity.  The author of this site is now retired and just taking a moment now during USA's "Independence Day" holiday to insert this paragraph.

Much has happened since this site was first created.  Planet earth is once again an ascension planet, and nothing you read about in the long step-down intro below can be more relevant than the understanding and activations you can receive by immediately registering for the on-line KDDLTM workshops.  In this way you will be able to synchronize with what the planet is doing, etc.  This is the site to visit regularly:  The first DVD  in this series can be purchased here:  Newcomers would do well to now skip to the end of this page to learn more about how to participate in the on-line workshops. 

Since this is not an official Keylontic ScienceTM site, it is important to understand that the author of this page is presenting her own personal opinion and insights.  She had continually explained Keylontic Science to clients and small groups between the years 2,000 and 2,013, as a result of teaching and facilitating KatharaTM Bio-Spiritual Healing. This ended up taking up a great deal of her personal time after hours, since she was  always responding to individual questions.  

Consistently favorable feedback to her classes over the years included remarks about how she seemed to always make complicated details seem much easier to understand because of  her examples. Because she is now retired and no longer has time to answer questions, she chooses to remain anonymous.  However she felt moved to provide some useful links for easy reference by newcomers.

Keylontic ScienceTM (abbreviated KS) teachings have been returned to humanity as fulfillment to a promise made long ago.  These provide meaningful and truthful answers to many of life’s so called “Mysteries”.  They are also called the Freedom TeachingsTM because utilizing this information can set humanity free from the deceptive paradigm currently inhibiting accurate understanding of the nature of reality and the implications thereof. Since this massive body of work must be studied directly in order to be understood and appreciated, it is very important to study the work itself.  Links to that are hilighted in yellow below.

Since the hosting sites of some of these links are changing, some may not be viable at the time you check them. This page you are reading now is also undergoing revisions,  as necessary to include the most up-to-date changes.  To make it easy to determine whether any new information has recently been added, the date each page was last  modified will be displayed under the photo at the top. 


All links pertain to copyrited information which has been translated by E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek, who previously published under the name of Ashayana Deane but now publishes under her first 2 spiritual names, E'Asha Ashayana.

She does this by accessing pre-ancient recordings on historical holographic disks via a process called Keylontic Data-Streaming. This is performed while fully conscious and energetically shielded, and is not to be confused with channeling. Knowledgeable Krystic beings do not channel or perform as mediums, since doing so damages one’s DNA encoding, inviting possession by fallen entities.

A definition of Keylontic Science, (abbreviated KS),  can be accessed by clicking here.  It is called the “Science of Spirituality”, as described here.

This page is from the public area of an on-line dictionary.   Each underlined word in each definition links to another definition.  (If it does not appear in the public area, then one can subscribe to the entire dictionary for a modest fee.) 

The KS translations include numerous detailed diagrams of the multi-dimensional nature of the cosmos and all beings residing within. Multiple levels of cosmic structure, including locations of star-gates and how they function are explained.

Our pre-ancient history, including surprising interactions with other races is also included. Those studying this information will find answers to questions currently raised by contemporary investigators about various “fringe” topics. For example:  what’s happening inside our sun; probabilistic realities; time travel;  merkaba mechanics; particle physics; how stars are born; holographic domains; parallel universes; dark matter; crop circles; Krystic orbs vs. those of fallen beings; black hole technologies; shape-shifters; levitation and anti-gravity; disappearing and reappearing islands;  Indigos;  Angels; Fallen Angellics; Annunaki, Nephilim and other ET races and their agendas; origin of the zodiac  sextant clock; synchronicity; 11:11, 12:12, and other recurring numbers; real reason for 9/11 Twin-Towers cover event; psychic vampires; possession and exorcism (called extraction); Akashic & Ecoushic Records; Creator “gods”, energetic origin of Caduceus symbol;  spiritual planes; Fibonacci Spiral vs natural organic Krysthl Spiral; yin/yang flow and other distortions; skewed planetary orbits; Nibiru; Atlantis & Lemuria; sacred geometry;  Kabbalah Tree of Life vs original organic version (Kathara™ Grid), Secret Societies, and much more.

A photo of one of the crop circles left by the Krystic Gardians is shown on the cover of a book called the “Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative”, which is available for instant download if you click here. Some fascinating new information about the significance of that crop circle was described years later, during a world-wide broadcast on December 20-24, 2014, as part of the KDDLTM Series. Please refer to the links at the end of this page for more details

Before doing the earliest  energy or consciousness expansion techniques or journeys, it is important to keep in mind that some relatively recent techniques must first be done. This is because of inter-dimensional galactic energetic changes which have occurred since the earlier techniques were given out.

For example two journey techniques were provided in 2012  as the recommended new "starting point".  Multiple links to free mp3 files narrating these appear on various sites.  But if you access them by the selecting the first 2 visualization journeys on the navigation bar above, you will first be able to read a brief introduction, explaining key terms to make it easier for newcomers. (The mp3 recordings were leading others who were already familiar with the terminology.)

It is also possible at this time to progress even if one does not do the earlier techniques. This is because all the previous techniques succeeded in step by step anchoring and integrating higher and higher spiritual frequencies on planet.  At this time,  the highest  spiritual gates have been opened by something called the "Fail-Safe". This was triggered by the extreme  escalation of the  multi-dimensional "Final Conflict Drama". The earlier workshops describing how this was accomplished are both fascinating and inspiring.

Those studying this information will discover that much more information is encoded in DNA than understood by contemporary science here.  Historical accounts describe how portions of the energetic encryption there and in the epigenetic overlay had been deliberately switched-off to mutate us to sub-human levels. Techniques are provided to progressively restore its original organic energetic encryption, to enable us to once again function as intended by the one true God, Source of all that is (called God-Source, or simply Source in these teachings).

To get an idea about the level of detail involved, as well as the importance of these teachings, you may wish to first view the December 2012 workshop. The DVD’s and accompanying handbook can be purchased separately by clicking on these links:

Dec. 2012 Workshop DVD Set        Dec. 2012 Workshop Handbook

It would also be a good idea to continually purchase the most recent workshop DVD's as soon as they become available.  These can be ordered from ARhAyas Productions, LLC. by clicking here.

Previous workshops are currently being added to a collection available for on-line viewing via this site:

Three different books summarizing the initial information are still available.  The lowest prices for paperbacks will come up if you click on each book title below.

Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees Volume 1, 2nd edition, by Ashayana Deane

Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti, 2nd edition, by Ashayana Deane

Angelic Realities, by Ashayana Deane

 “Angelic Realities” contains a technique called the Epsilon Sequence which constructs a golden egg  (protective scalar field) around one’s aura which neutralizes the technology used by the zeta grays to paralyze their abductees.  It also provides some shielding against certain harmful TV and computer emanations. 

But this only works if one first erects (and regularly refreshes)  a Maharic Seal of pale silver frequency from the 12th dimension, by doing a technique which can be accessed by clicking here. After studying it, you can read it into a personal recorder to use as a guide while relaxing with eyes closed, as you play it back. Better still, do this using a more recent version, which can be accessed by clicking here.  But don't forget that before doing these or any of the other ealier techniques, it is important to first satisfactorily complete the two journeys appearing on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

All published information accurately describes the situation up to and including the time of publication. However, changes have occured since then, due to the volatile nature of inter-dimensional wars. So the recommendations regarding the best way to proceed at current time (as well as future time tracks and  possible opportunities for evolution and consciousness expansion) have changed. For example,  because the final conflict drama has continually escalated since the time of publication of Voyagers II,  2nd edition, the description therein about the 3 possible future time tracks for humanity no longer applies.  More favorable pathways are now available.  These are provided via special hosting through the ascension gates and associated pathways described in the Dec. 2012 and later workshops, which will remain viable for approximately 900 years. 

Continuation of the inter-dimensional “Final Conflict Drama” between Krystic and fallen races since “Voyagers II” (2nd ed.) was published appears in the first 39 pages of a handbook from a workshop called “Sliders 8”, available here.
That was published August 2010, but additional cosmic events have transpired since then as well. These are described in workshops conducted after that time.  

Some of the workshops begin with a "catch-up" synopsis of major events in the planetary drama which were explained in detail at previous workshops as they were occuring.  For that reason, it may be helpful to study the Seattle 2003  and/or Dublin 2009 workshops early on. 

To discuss this informaton with others interested in preserving the original complete version of the earlier teachings, as well as follow-on information still being translated, you are invited to join the E-Lai-sa Freedom Forum, which you can access by clicking on that name.  

Guidelines for daily living consist of both Attitudes and Responsibilities of (Self) Mastery, which can be viewed if you click here. A great deal of info is given out free on-line, although some of the links are being replaced and/or updated due to current re-organization. A clickable list of resources, including workshop diaries written by various members of Team Indigo,  can be found on a FaceBook Indigo Group.  Click here to bring up their resource list.  The workshop diaries appearing on that list are well worth reading.


You can also join that group, and posting privileges can be requested after viewing a 3 part video on ascension mechanics which can be accessed free here.  When viewing that, however, keep in mind that more favorable options for planetary populations than those described then are now available. These were facilitated by Team Indigo working in conjunction with the AMCC-MCEO-GA (Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cosminyahas Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Guardian Alliance). For more information about the wonderful new opportunities now available,  please view the live-stream presentations on  These broadcasts can  now be used as a new starting point for newcomers.


Ascension Mechanics are described during an interview which can be viewed here.  Many other details about the multi-dimensional nature of creation are also discussed, including the "Silver Seed Awakening".  Although the book describing that has not yet been published, it consists of five stages, as described here.  This is currently happening on planet, and those wishing to facIlitate this awakening in their own bio-spiritual anatomies can do techniques which are described in the KDDL on-line workshops.
The official FaceBook group is  It is recommended that KS students join that, plus keep up to date with information posted on the MCEO-Al-Hum-Bhra Group.  Those who have viewed the live-stream workshops currently being conducted will have automatic access to an additonal e-group to discuss the most recent detailed diagrams, KS techniques, and consciousness projection journeys using a form of projection yoga termed "ProgaTM".  For legal reasons, these must be termed "theoretical", although members of that group can share results experienced.  

Although one can simply start with the latest virtual on-line workshops (since now the gates to the highest chismatic plasm and plasma currents have been opened), serious investigors will increase their understanding by also studying the original publications.  Doing this in chronological order facilitates step-by-step understanding of the diagrams and associated new terms, since they were  explained in great detail when first introduced. A chronological list of workshops between 1998 and April 2012 can be found if you scroll forward after clicking  here.  If you click on the product code in the right column of the "Workshop Chronology" section of that page, you will see a detailed description of topics covered in that particular workshop.

Upcoming workshops are announced on, so keep checking there.   You are also invited to keep checking the official web-page where free mp3 file downloads can be accessed:   


The most important thing for newcomers to investigate is the newest information.  This is being given out via of a series of virtual live-stream workshops over the internet.  This format enables people all over the world to participate in the comfort of their own homes.  The first series is entitled "KeylonticTM Discourses for Daily Living" (KDDLTM for short).  Once every 2-3 months a new element of the KDDLTM Course series will be provided live over a period of 3 days. If you are a member of the e-groups, you will receive a notice announcing when the next one will be conducted.  For further instructions and to register, please visit

All teachings from the very beginning have recommend that everyone remain  self-soverign and trust their own higher guidance as the ultimate authority. Some useful tips for discernment appear here, since it would not have been possible for fallen races to succeed in orchestrating their deceptive agendas if everyone had consistently refused to give their power away to some external authority figure claiming to be an "expert", etc.  This includes the distorted notion that only certain people can directly commune with "God", and that one needs an intercessor, etc.  

Those who take the time to view all the workshops of the Freedom Teachings series will also discover the details about the "final conflict drama" and some of the nefarious plots orchestrated by anti-Krystic beings.  The pre-ancient history includes the true age of our time matrix along with details indicating how... for eons of time... fallen-angelic (abbreviated FA) anti-Krystic multi-dimensional ET's have masqueraded as angels of light, deliberately providing misleading information to trick well-intentioned seekers into helping them reduce humanity to sub-human levels.  One example is described here. Simultaneously the FA's have succeed in doing serious grid damage to our planet... and numerous other places in the cosmos. 

The truth seems more bizarre than science fiction!  

Yet the history is extensive. FA's  ensnare the masses into their anti-Krystic encoded stargates, artificial portals, (and even provide space-ship "rescue rides") to entrap them into their fallen matrices. Why? Because a fallen matrix is destined for implosion-explosion and space-dust return once it runs out of energy.  And FA's have the power and technology to delay their inevitable space-dust return to Source, by perpetually feeding their matrices with energetic quanta from "conquered worlds". 

There is no such thing as being "outside" of Source, since Source creates within Itself.  All created worlds and the beings residing within were created with (original organic Krystic) encoding to correctly process frequencies flowing to and from Source so that everything is perpetually sustained without any need to feed off other life forms, including (on a cosmic scale) other Time Matrices. But the difference between a natural organic Krystic (ie, Kryst encoded) being (person, plant, animal or any life form including planets, galaxies, etc.) and those which have fallen because their encoding got scrambled, is HOW they return.

Everyone and everything will definitely return to Source, regardless of the pathway. But the pathway intended by Source is one where they return in a state of wholeness and joy, with full conscious memory of themselves and their many experiences in outer levels of manifestation.  The opposite of that is returning in a fragmented form, as non-differentiated units of partiki space dust with no memory, to be recycled into new life forms.  This ultimate destiny of the FA's is so frightening to them that they view all the horrendous things they do to postpone that... as necessary in order to "survive". 

If you wish to study KS, you are invited to explore the links provided here.... and any others you encounter along the way... exploring each link appearing on each of those links in turn... as spirit moves you! 

Although some of the earlier workshops may contain startling information, there is no reason to become alarmed now. The grid wars described there  are now over and earth is once again an ascension planet.  There is nothing more that the FA's can do at this point to change that, which is why they frantically focus (more than ever now) upon controlling and distracting the masses to keep as many people as possible from realizing the truth.

It is indeed time for humanity to "wake up" and take charge of our thoughts, since "Thoughts are things".  If we collectively focus on fear about impending doom and horrific scenarios being orchestrated by the fallen ones, we will be adding our co-creative powers to manifesting that outcome. Likewise, if we remain clueless "sheeple", we will be  ensnared through their anti-Krystic encoded gates, leading to their fallen matrices to be consumed as "fuel". There is a huge difference between knowing that one has been victimized and remaining stuck in the mental/emotional state of "victim consciousness" which just attracts more of the same type of experience!

What we need to do instead is become "awake, aware, & able", especially in regards to managing our own energies and making informed choices.  The focus of the KDDLTM  Series and other  workshops is  to  explain the technicals and enable us make the necessary changes in ourselves (including layers of our multi-dimensional bio-spiritual anatomy).  There is absolutely no pressure to do any of the techniques, since these have been provided simply as the fulfilment of a promise made eons ago... to make the TRUTH available on planet... for the benefit of those who may choose to take advantage of it.

This downstepped introduction was created with the intention of assisting those who may be confused by conflicting and enticing claims on the internet and elsewhere.  It is definitely worthwhile to take the time to examine both the history and the technicals presented in this massive body of information, so as to be in a position to make an informed choice. 

Creation is vast, and in most places everyone lives eternally without feeding off (or otherwise exploiting) other life forms. There is no need for technology.  Also no competition, since everyone understands that we are ALL different faces of the one Source.  No need for money since those with original organic Krystic encoding can energetically manifest whatever they desire.  If anything resembling a political structure exists, it is as described here.

KS Techniques can be used as a "tool box" collection to restore the original organic Krystic encryption in our DNA, so that what contemporary science now views as "junk DNA" will be awakened and re-ordered to function normally.

 One of the ways to facilitate restoration of the original DNA encryption is to energetically provide the encoding which became distorted, using the method of optical pineal induction.  Optical pineal induction of codes containing the (graphical) mathematical representation can be used in conjunction with any code given out, although the definition of the method provided here mentions only the earlier codes.

The diagrams of the  layout of our multi-dimensional cosmos are extensive and precise.  Keylontic Science is not a "pseudo-science".  Instead, the paradigm presented provides a much more complete and accurate description of the true nature of reality.   But because higher-dimensional realities can neither be proven nor disproven by 3-D (Density 1 = dimensional frequency bands 1, 2 & 3) instruments or contemporary scientific methods, these teachings are termed "theoretical, for personal exploration".

It is definitely worthwhile to take the time to explore them, especially since this information indicates that our destiny depends on the choices we make. Everything works in accordance with  natural laws of multi-dimensional macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic physics. These laws are both scientific and spiritual, since there is really no difference between the two.

The message has always been one of TRUTH. Only we can save ourselves.  It is up to each individual to make a choice . No matter how code-convoluted one's DNA template has become, if one chooses to regenerate back to original organic Krystic encryption, this is now possible.  The only beings who can't  benefit from these techniques are those who choose not to do them. The FA's are invited to use them too, since they are still unconditionally beloved by Source regardless of what they have done.

Perhaps the best part of these teachings is that the technicals describe exactly how  we are the co-creators of our hologram.  Once we understand this, we will no longer allow our energies to be hi-jacked and our thoughts mis-directed.   

By reaching this level of understanding and spiritual wisdom, we can knowingly stand FIRM as powerful self-soverign individuals, holding the vision of what kind of world we wish to co-create... regardless of whatever we see going on around us during the challenging period of cleansing upheavals which have been predicted. 

The information after 2012 is more fascinating than ever!  Continuing on from the earlier translations from the Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates (CDT Holographic Storage Disks),  were the translations from the Al-Hum-Bhra Disks, which are called the Tan-Tri-AhuraTM Teachings - The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™.

Actually, it was later explained that  the Freedom TeachingsTM  previously translated by E'Asha were a downstepped precursor to the more complete set of Tan-Tri-AhuraTM Teachings, and even higher levels which include ShiftMastersTM programs which allow one to remain in energetic synchronization with powerful multi-dimensional frequency shifts which planet Earth will henceforth be experiencing. (Downstep means a simplified approximate explanation to serve as a bridge, starting with terms and concepts with which the student is likely to be more familiar, so that subsequent step-by-step education, activations, and awakenings can effectively commence.)  

This page you are reading now is an example of a downstepped introduction... by the Krystic Indigo who wrote it... paraphrasing and substituting some of the terminology (while using incomplete partial explanations to convey the "gist" of things) for the purpose of serving as an introduction to those who have been investigating the "fringe" topics listed above.

As you will discover when viewing the technicals explained during the December 2012 workshop, the energetic encryption of the new earth (called Aurora Earth) has already been birthed, complete with the organic Kryst code containing the necessary mathematics to allow for the out-picturing of the Golden Age of enlightened living.

We can now bring this into manifestation, and the Cosmos is watching! 

For continuing information on the EFFI-Project™ (E-LAi-sa Freedom Forum Initiative), keep checking out   If you scroll down there,  you will be able to find a workshop available for immediate download called "The Cosmos IS Watching and Always Will Be.

WONDERFUL NEWS: Starting in December 2014, for the latest information, you can attend virtual live-stream workshops, which will be broadcast every 2-3 months.  These contain fascinating interdimensional cosmic details, as well as practical techniques to  harmoniously integrate the highest level frequencies and planetary shifts. 

So be sure to also keep checking for these, via, which after ordered can be played via   These on-line broadcasts of workshops can be re-viewed again and again, usually until the next one is aired.  Even if it is too late to view the latest broadcast, you can still scroll down and access a written introduction to the Keylontic Discourses for Daily Living (KDDLTM) Series.