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Guided Visualization Journey 2

Before doing this journey, it is necessary to have previously completed (at least one time) a longer journey which can be accessed by selecting "Guided Visualization Journey 1" on the tool bar above.  

The technique requires taking deep inhales to certain areas of your energy body, and holding the breath to build up charge before exhaling.  Just follow instructions of the narrator.

If you are confused or unsure as to where to direct your inhale or exhale, just intend "in Divine Right Order".

The more you repeat this journey, the more you will realize that this healing journey in much more than a guided visualization, because it helps your consciousness connect with cosmic constructs which in fact are REAL.  It was translated by
E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek, whose bio will come up if you click on her underlined name.

Although she holds the copyrite, she has given permission for anyone to download it FREE from the page which will come up if you click on the image above. After that webpage comes up, you can click where it says to download it, and you will receive a mp3 file which you can play on your computer desktop.  Be sure your speakers are turned on.

You can repeat this journey as often as you like.

Additional journeys and self-healing techniques are available, which you can explore as spirit moves you and time permits.

A list of resources to facilitate studying at your own pace appears on the following link:


 MOST RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT: You can get additional info as soon as it becomes available by attending workshops which are regularly announced on . Allthough only one yearly  workshop will be conducted for those wishing to physically attend, virtual life-stream workshops will be broadcast every 2-3 months.  These contain immense technical information and powerful projection journeys, enabling everyone to keep up to date, harmoniously integrating the highest level frequencies and planetary shifts.  So be sure to also keep checking for these, via Even if you missed the latest broadcast, you will be able to scroll down on that page and download a written introduction to this AWESOME opportunity!  



If you have technical difficulties accessing and playing the mp3 file that comes up after clicking on the image at the top of this page, please consult a "computer-savvy" friend or someone on that e-group, since we are not set up respond to inquiries of that nature.