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Guided Visualization Journey 1   

This is a guided journey to the highest level of creation to access the highest plasma frequency currents which create and sustain everything. This is the starting point if you wish to learn how to use the most powerful healing currents in existence for your own self-healing. 

The technique takes over an hour, so relax and get comfy first. You can follow right along with the others in the group taking deep inhale and exhale breaths to circulate the powerful pri-mordial plasma healing frequencies to various parts of your multi-dimensional bio-spiritual anatomy. 

Some of the terminology will be new to you. Just keep in mind the locations of your chakras and that you have something called a "Wing-Spot" on your back, approx. midway between chakras 4 (heart) and 5 (throat). 

If you don't remember where your chakras are located, click on that word to bring up a diagram.

You also have a "Mission Sphere", which is a big ball of energy all around you containing encrypted info about the reason you incarnated at this time... and much more! 

When directed to inhale or exhale from the Aurora Shield, picture that as a glistening undulating disk of light horozontally seperating  the northern and southern hemispheres of earth and extending outward.  Aurora Earth is another version of earth where everything is much more pristine pure and beautiful. Connection to that future probabilistic version was just birthed here after Dec. 21, 2012, making it possible for humanity to co-create the out-picturing of this Divine encryption into full manifestation now! 

As shown in the diagram (NOT to scale) your 13th chakra is normally already embedded at the center of earth (also called E-core for Earth's core), and it is possible to connect with the center of Aurora Earth that way, by intending this as you  inhale up Divine healing frequencies from there into all your chakras.    

If you are confused or unsure as to where to direct your inhale or exhale, just intend "in Divine Right Order".

The more you do this technique, the more you will realize that this healing journey in much more than a guided visualization, because it helps your consciousness connect with cosmic constructs which in fact are REAL.  It was translated by E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek, whose bio will come up if you click on her underlined name. 

Although she holds the copyrite, she has given permission for anyone to download it FREE from the page which will come up if you click on the image above. After that webpage comes up, you can click where it says to download it, and you will receive the mp3 file which you can play on your computer desktop.  Be sure your speakers are turned on.

You can repeat this journey as often as you like, but it is essential to complete this at least one time before proceeding with any of the earlier Keylontic Science (abbreviated KS) techniques. For a definition of the science of Keylonta, click on the underlined name. 

Additional journeys and self-healing techniques are available, which you can explore as spirit moves you and time permits.  

A list of resources to facilitate studying at your own pace appears on the following link:


MOST RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT: You can get additional info as soon as it becomes available by attending workshops which are regularly announced on . Allthough only one yearly  workshop will be conducted for those wishing to physically attend, virtual life-stream workshops will be broadcast every 2-3 months.  These contain immense technical information and powerful projection journeys, enabling everyone to keep up to date, harmoniously integrating the highest level frequencies and planetary shifts.  So be sure to also keep checking for these, via Even if you missed the latest broadcast, you will be able to scroll down on that page and download a written introduction to this AWESOME opportunity!  



If you have technical difficulties accessing and playing the mp3 file, please consult a "computer-savvy" friend or someone on that e-group, since we are not set up respond to inquiries of that nature.